Transporting indoor plants in winter can be tricky. There is a risk of a cold shock, and not just in sub-zero temperatures. Sensitive orchids react by shedding flowers from around 5-7 degrees. You should therefore protect sensitive indoor plants from the cold shock when shopping. 

Don’t underestimate the risk!

As soon as it gets cold outside, every purchase of house plants is a risk. Regardless of whether you bring your new treasure with you from the discounter or from the florist: There are always a few meters and minutes‘ walk between the cash register and the car. And it’s pretty fresh out there. But while you only shiver for a moment and maybe close your jacket, the new houseplants are at best in a bag made of thin cellophane. Too little to get away with with life. Really a shame about the beautiful plant and really doesn’t have to be.

Cellophane and tissue paper do not adequately protect indoor plants in winter

With luck, a good florist will wrap flowers and houseplants in colored tissue paper. With even more luck, he’ll put a layer of newspaper around it, but is that really enough? It all depends on the plant. Sensitive tropical indoor plants such as marants or orchids suffer a cold shock at temperatures below 5-8 degrees. It doesn’t help if the cold only lasts a few minutes. Dead is dead.

Fast protection against cold shock

The good news is: Transporting indoor plants safely in winter is not that difficult. All you need is an intact, good insulating bag . Yes, you read that right: an insulated bag in which you can transport sensitive food, ice cream and frozen food in summer is just as good at protecting sensitive houseplants from the cold shock during transport in winter. However, do not use the very thin insulating bags from the supermarket, but a solid insulating bag or box.

Additionally, wrap the houseplant in at least two layers of newspaper before packing.

Tip: Take the insulated bag with you to the store or supermarket right from the start and never carry your newly acquired potted plant outside unprotected in the cold. You could freeze to death faster than you think.

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