Blumenbilder weiße Orchideen schüren große Erwartungen

Wandbilder im Büro sollten allen gefallen: Besuchern wie Mitarbeitern, Chef oder Chefin und den lieben Kunden sowieso. Doch gibt es Motive, die sich besonders für Büros eignen? Das kommt ganz auf die Branche und die persönlichen Vorlieben der Menschen an, die sich tagtäglich dort arbeiten. Fangen wir bei den unterschiedlichen Branchen an. Dass in einem Autohaus eher Bilder mit Autos als mit Küchenkräutern hängen, ist allen klar. Bei Landschaftsgärtnern oder in einer Baumschule erwarten wir dagegen grüne Motive mit besonders schönen Pflanzen oder Gärten. In Praxis oder Kosmetikstudio passen dagegen Blumenbilder mit Orchideen, Seerosen und Rosen, weil diese edlen Blumen Reinheit und Schönheit symbolisieren.

Flower pictures white orchids do not appear sterile, but rather attractive. Especially in combination with a beautiful picture frame. Whether a modern aluminum frame or a classic real wood frame depends on the interior of the room.

Mural white orchid in a picture frame

Flower picture Big White Orchid III in a simple aluminum picture frame with passepartout

Your own preferences apply at your own workplace!

On the other hand, with all your love, you shouldn’t forget: At your own workplace, only your personal taste matters . So decorate the wall with colors that are good for you and flowers that you like. In my own office there can be bright colors on one wall and a huge canvas picture with poppies. The other wall is more moderate with pink roses and apple blossoms. My gaze is directed towards one wall or the other, depending on whether I want to recharge my batteries in between or prefer to relax. Or I look out into the garden, where the colors are always different and where birds also provide variety.

Mural white phalaenopsis

Flower picture White orchid, a magnificent phalaenopsis

Has the language of flowers become obsolete?

Gladioli for proud winners, roses for loved ones, lavender for the determined and lilies for the noble … the slightly dusty  language of flowers  from the Biedermeier period finds a more or less suitable interpretation for almost every blossom. However, that shouldn’t stop you from trusting your own tastes. Stand by your favorite flowers and if you like allium, tulips and daffodils, then grab them .


Flower picture white orchid

Now a customer from Pegnitz has signed up for art prints of white orchids in three variations for his office. I say thank you and wish you many years of joy with these flower pictures for the office.

More flower pictures orchids in many colors and variations