Hardy climbing plants protect the facade, provide shade, offer birds a breeding ground, and transform terraces into cozy gazebos with privacy and privacy. Lots of good reasons to plant more climbing plants around the house . But where to plant if there is no open ground in front of the house?

Hardy climbing plants on the house need deep, free soil.

Climbing plants also grow in pots, but remain small there and need fresh soil and a larger planter after three years at the latest. That is a lot of work and no joy at all, especially since the climbing plant also includes a climbing aid . This makes repotting even more difficult. Quite different when climbing plants can grow directly in the ground on the house. Please don’t think you can’t do that because the floor is paved. The solution is much easier than expected.

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Beware of these hardy climbing plants

All climbing plants are good and useful for nature, but not for all houses. As soon as the facade is damaged, when the plaster is already crumbling, roots have easy play and also penetrate the masonry. The worst thing about it is that once ivy has clung to the wall, for example, it can hardly be stopped. The same goes for wild wine. He easily manages 15 meters and then digs under roof tiles. The result is a leaky roof. Je-Länger-je-Lieber is also conquering trees, houses, barns and their roofs with breathtaking speed.

A home for birds, but also easy entry into the house for rodents

Hardy climbing plants provide safe and protected breeding grounds for many birds. On the other hand, their trunks, branches and thicker twigs also provide convenient access routes for mice, rats and other rodents into the house. Keep this in mind if you decide to plant climbing plants directly on the facade. An alternative is actually cable systems mounted at a distance from the wall. Acebia or pipe winds, for example, grow freely on them without forming climbing aids for unwelcome guests.

Fiona Amann

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