Dividing perennials means rejuvenating plants. After dividing the perennials, bald clumps look well filled again, flowering rotten perennials bloom again and lean growth disappears. 

Many perennials fade with age, bloom less, suddenly disappear, or bald from the inside. On the other hand, dividing and moving the root stocks in good time helps. Autumn is the best time to do this, because the soil is still warm (and moist) enough for the divided plants to take root quickly.

When is the best time to share perennials?

Another good time to split your perennials is in spring. The difference? While the soil stays moist longer on its own in autumn, you have to water more often in spring . This is especially true for sandy, light soils. Heavy clay soils, on the other hand, can be worked better in spring.

Attention: not all perennials can be divided.

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This way please: Dividing and rejuvenating perennials, made easy.