Peony Sarah Bernhardt is a legend, just like its namesake, the actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923). She was a star of the Belle Epoche and turned many a man’s head. The bourgeois name of the beautiful French woman was Henriette Rosine Bernhardt and she was a self-confident, spirited vamp. She has appeared on the world’s major theater stages, was a celebrated silent film star, but also wrote novels and her memoirs. She inspired Marcel Proust for his fictional character La Berma. The great Sarah Bernhardt united numerous talents, painting and sculpture were also part of it.

Sarah Bernhardt also inspires plant breeder Lemoine

With so much admiration and praise for a great artist of her time, it is not surprising that the equally great and famous plant breeder Victor Lemoine (1823-1911) probably produced his most beautiful peonyBaptized in the name Sarah Bernhardt in 1906. This is probably also due to the numerous good properties that Peony Sarah Bernhardt combines in itself. It is one of the latest peonies and only enters the stage when its „competitors“ are over. Its pompous flowers are pale pink, with a hint of purple when they bloom, which then gradually gives way to a very light porcelain pink. The flowers stand on stems one meter high, which is why Sarah Bernhardt is also grown in fields as a cut flower. In the garden you should put moon supports under the heavy flower stalks in good time, so the impressive peony bush remains compact and upright even in the rain.

This is how the beautiful Sarah Bernhardt peony conquered everyone’s hearts today

Isn’t it amazing that after more than 120 years of peony Sarah Bernhardt still inspires gardeners and gardening enthusiasts? A specimen is also growing in my garden and has been providing lasting joy for years and always providing wonderful photo opportunities. Her romantic blooms in delicate rose tones are simply irresistible, especially when the sun gently brushes over Sarah’s flowers in the early morning.

Peony Sarah Bernhardt, flower picture on canvas

Peony Sarah Bernhardt, flower picture on canvas „Sarah to three“.


Now a customer from Erfurt has fallen in love with the flower painting “ Sarah zu threes “ and ordered an art print. Love for perhaps the most beautiful peony from Lemoine leads to the famous Thuringian garden city, how beautiful!

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